How Much Your Dental Implants Will Cost

Costs clear from the outset

Our fees are not the cheapest, but when you consider how implant surgery can transform your quality of life, would you really want it done by the lowest bidder? At Dental Implant Solutions, we guarantee to use the most advanced methods for planning your surgery, to use our extensive surgical expertise and to employ only the best materials and products to provide you with a high quality, predictable implant solution.

Dental Implant Cost



* We offer our patients interest free payment plans over 12 to 24 months. 


So that you don't 'waste' any money from the outset, we offer a free initial assessment of your suitability for implant treatment. This will include a 30 minute consultation with a highly experienced Implant surgeon, any necessary standard xrays and a concise written report. After this assessment, we will provide you with a clear breakdown of the fees involved.  

We use only the most predictable techniques, the most advanced planning methods and the highest quality implants and laboratory materials. It is a fact of life that the best cannot be the cheapest, many implant treatments are delivered by inexperienced surgeons using cost cutting materials and products. At Dental Implant Solutions, we are gaining a growing reputation for remedial implant surgery, to replace or correct failed or failing treatments provided where cost was the prime concern.

Your implant treatment will usually take a few months to complete, our fees are spread across the time scale of this treatment and you will be provided with a schedule of payments to be made - no surprises!

For those wishing to spread the cost of their treatment over a longer period, we offer interest free payment plans over 12 to 24 months (subject to terms and conditions).

Initial assessment (inc standard x-rays and report)

Free of charge

High definition 3D CT scan


Replacement of single tooth

from £2200

Stabilisation of dentures with 2 implants and a new denture


Stabilisation of existing denture with 'mini-implants' from £2350
Bridge with 2 implants supporting 3 teeth from £4800

Full arch of teeth

from £10000

Bone augmentation

from £450

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