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General Practitioner Section

This part of our website is intended as a resource for our referring practitioners. To support you in discussions about dental implants with your patients, as a readily accessible route for catching up with 'What's new in Implant Dentistry', as a reference for our current protocols and for those interested in restoring dental implants a series of tutorial videos to share our knowledge about helpful 'tips and tricks' and 'last but not least' as a portal for referring your patients or requesting a CBCT scan.

General Practitioner Section | Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions

Modern dental care is constantly evolving. New techniques, treatment modalities, updated research and evidence bases, plus growing pressure from the threat of litigation. It can be a daunting task to keep up to date and well informed about all branches of our profession.

Our aim is to channel our enthusiasm for the rapidly developing field of Implant Dentistry into a 'one stop' resource for the dental professionals who have put their trust in the service that we offer their patients.

We will be constantly updating and reviewing the News and Resource areas in this section of the website, so that you can be assured that what you are saying to your patients is factual and evidence based.

The News section will contain information about current 'Hot Topics' in our speciality, plus reports from conferences and exhibitions which we attend.

The area designated 'training' will be regularly updated with video clips showing the latest techniques for implant restoration which you can use as reference in your practice. This section will also contain details of our newly launched Implant Study Group meetings.

Resources will be downloadable in the form of PDF's covering general information about implants, treatment modalities and implant aftercare for your patients. In addition we will include protocols for Bisphosphonate therapy, implant monitoring and the treatment of Peri-implantitis for the practitioner.