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This part of our website is intended as a resource for our referring practitioners. To support you in discussions about dental implants with your patients, as a readily accessible route for catching up with 'What's new in Implant Dentistry', as a reference for our current protocols and for those interested in restoring dental implants a series of tutorial videos to share our knowledge about helpful 'tips and tricks' and 'last but not least' as a portal for referring your patients or requesting a CBCT scan.

General Practitioner Section | Chris Wood Dental Implant Solutions


We have developed various resources over the years to achieve our aim of finding the best ways to support dental practitioners. From study group events to video tutorials, you can find a range of materials here to help progress your knowledge of implant dentistry.

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We’re committed to sharing our expert knowledge, so here you can find various training resources to support the general dental practitioner in developing appropriate treatment plans for their patients.

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CT Scans

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new developments and technology, and CBCT Imaging is the modern and safe way to plan dental implant surgery. Find out more about the benefits of modern 3D imaging technology and request a CBCT scan.

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We are always happy to accept referrals - here’s how you can get in contact with us if you’d like to send a referral our way.

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